Claire Sharpe 

Actor/Musician - Managing Director

Claire started out as a musician, trying her hand at many instruments at a young age before deciding to stick with piano, flute and harp. Claire's love of acting emerged at school where she was cast in Return to the Forbidden Planet and chosen to join Pointless Taxi - a film production company for talented and gifted students. A love of history and a strong passion for politics had her torn between heading for PM or choosing to make theatre...

However, the call of theatre was too strong and Claire gained a 1st in American Theatre Arts BA(Hons) from Rose Bruford College. During these years she spent 9 months in Minnesota and was cast in several large scale productions including Fallen Angels, Talking With and The Penelopiad. Finding a flair for making ideas turn to reality, Claire managed various projects such as; The Glass Menagerie,  Oleanna and A Brief History of Helen of Troy.

With Blind Tiger Claire has been the production manager for their first two projects; A Life in Monochrome at The Space Arts Centre and Cinderella at Leicester Square Theatre. Claire also acts in each production and has a hand in creating and arranging the music, which the Tigers orchestrate as a collaborative force. Claire is set to play the title role in Blind Tiger's upcoming production of The Little Mermaid.

Outside of Blind Tiger, Claire has worked on several new musicals at Waterloo East Theatre, gained a significant role in an actor/musician production of Noah's Ark at The Blue Elephant Theatre and appeared as the lead character in a National Tour of Charlotte's Web. Most recently, Claire laid down her vocals as part of the original cast recording for the international production Rip Van Winkle: A Folk Musical

Claire can also be found playing the harp at events such as Rob Knox Film Festival and Feast, as well as singing lead vocals with the Blind Tiger Jazz Band.