September 2014

After a lengthy hiatus, we will have some exciting news in the coming months regarding a potentially EXTREMELY busy 2015! Forget The Sheep, next year will really be the YEAR OF THE TIGER!

March 2014

After all the excitement of Mermaid, we have decided to take a break and focus on some other separate projects - but rest assured we will be back later in the year!

January 2014

Our Christmas 2014 production of The Little Mermaid at Riverside Studios was a roaring success and garnered some great reviews and comments! You can see a video of our Press Night Here:

October 2013

Our Autumn Newsletter is out!

Check it out HERE

September 2013

September has been focused mainly on the very important job of casting our production of The Little Mermaid. We saw some incredibly talented actors thoughout the auditions and recall stages, maing the job of casting incredibly difficult. However, we are now fully cast, and very happy with our decision... All will be revealed in the coming weeks!

August 2013

We spent this month developing the script for The Little Mermaid over 2 dedicated weeks of workshops. We were lucky enough to have the very talented Erla Brynjarsdottir fly over from Iceland to help us shape the music and characters further. The month culminated in a very successful scratch performance of an hour's worth of material from the production to a specially invited audience of industry professionals and academics. Their feedback was incredibly useful and has further helped the progression of the show immeasurably.

July 2013:

A very busy month it has been, the Tiger Band played a blinding set at a Murphy Birthday Party which doubled up as a fundraising appeal for donations. The wonderful generosity of people (of which donations are still coming in) means we have raised almost £1000!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!

The very talented Actress and Violinist Erla Brynjarsdottir came over from Iceland to join us for a week of workshopping the script and music for Mermaid. Laurence Greiner of Floods of Ink and feminist theatre expert Rebecca Pollock  also came in to offer insight and advice. 

Check out our Youtube Channel for a taster of what we created that week plus videos of our trip to Denmark!

May 2013:

We can announce that we have received £1000 support from the Co-operative Customer Donation Fund towards our work with Floods of Ink.

Floods of Ink will be working with us to create workshops called 'Sexual Identity: Shaping Ideas for the Future' these will run alongside The Little Mermaid in schools in Hammersmith and Fulham.

April 2013:

We are incredibly excited to announce our next production; The Little Mermaid will be on at Riverside Studios from 10th December till 12th January. 

We have returned from a research trip to Denmark where we met a lot of really interesting people! Look out on the website for videos of our trip!

January 2013:

We had a wonderful time at Leicester Square Theatre! A successful run, quite a few packed out houses and several lovely reviews made Christmas 2013 very special for Blind Tiger!

 We would like to thank our cast and crew, Pixelform Studios for their brilliant work on the trailer and Rose Bruford College for their support! 

October 2012:

We are very excited to announce the cast and creatives of

Cinderella: The Anti Panto!

Cinderella      Jennifer Johnson 

Prince/Father Stephen Papaioann

Ugly Sisters    Claire Sharpe  

 Narrator     Andrew Venning


Director/Writer  David Shopland

Writer     Callum Hughes

  Movement Director

              Laurence Alliston-Greiner                            

Stage Manager   Rob Carr  

          Visual Media     Dan Eycott/Pixelform

     Designer  Amy Prior        

 Lighting Designer   Nic Farman



The Leicester Square Theatre

10th - 30th December 2012

Get your tickets while they last!!



September 2012:

After all of the excitement of Monochrome being recieved so well we have set our attentions to Cinderella!

Our very first annual Anti Panto, which will open at the Leicester Square Theatre on 10th December. Script writing, composing, fundraising and casting have engulfed the Blind Tiger office but it's not all our founders have been up to!

We wished Claire well as she headed off to go touring nationally in Charlottes Web, hopefully we will get her back in one piece in October! David has been preparing for his new lecturing position at Bath Spa university. Jennifer started a new term at Holmewood House teaching Music and Drama.

Callum has been working with Shakespeare Schools Festival and we are very excited to announce he will be appearing in Peter Rowe's Rock and Roll Cinderella over Christmas in Leeds!

But don't worry Tiger fans Anti Panto is well on its way to being a very exciting production! We are looking for interesting businesses to sponsor the show and get some great advertising in Leicester Square but we always need your support as well!

Monochrome couldn't have happened without all the small donations made by our supporters £2, £10, £50 or whatever you want to give, every little helps give us the best chance of making an impact on the London theatre scene!

If you have a couple quid you would like to send our way towards Anti Panto check out the Support Us page and click the Donate button!


 SUMMER 2012:


Summer has been a very busy time for us Tigers!

June saw our final fundraiser and Monochrome taster in Bath at the Chapel Arts Centre. It was a great evening, thank you to all who came and especially to Lewis J Oatley who stepped in and helped us out. A very talented and lovely man!

Intensive 2 week rehearsals kicked off at the beginning of July and A Life in Monochrome opened on 17th at The Space Arts Centre, we played to packed out houses over the 10 nights and recieved several 3 and 4 star reviews a few of which can be found here:

 ****One Stop Arts ****Remote Goat ***Time Out 

 ***Theatre Reviews London

We would like to thank all the reviewers and theatre lovers who came to see the show and especially who came to our 'Bloggers Event' and gave us some invaluable feedback on how we can take Monochrome forward! Very special thanks need to go out to the wonderful people without whom the show would not have run anywhere near as smoothly!


A Life in Monochrome Cast Announcment

After a rigourous and sweltering audition day in sunny Deptford on Monday 28th, we are now happy to announce the full cast for A Life in Monochrome:-
Detective Bradshaw   Callum Hughes       Susan Lyons       Claire Sharpe       
Hunter Earnshaw  Michael Borch

        Karen Carter    Stephanie Hampton                  Lloyd Earnshaw    Ian Chaplain     
           Helen  Scott  Jennifer Johnson
and introducing Josh Fontana as  'The Barman'

May 2012:
The month of May also brought us our first ever fundraising event at The LongAcre Bar in the heart of London's West End. We laid on a giant (and apparently far too difficult) quiz, as well as live music and appearances from top magician Rob Falconer and sillhouette artist Steve Price. The night was a roaring success and brought us ever closer to our final monetary goal for making A Life In Monochrome the best it possibly can be! Congratulations to the team representing The Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell, who walked away with the winning prize, consisting of a massive wine and cheese hamper! 

April 2012:
April was a blast from the past for us as we headed into Rose Bruford College to work with ATA 2nd year on the show Casanova. The show took over the old Lamorbey mansion at the College with scenes happening in every downstairs room, and even outside on the fire escape! We resided in the smokey late night bar and arranged airtravel theme songs such as jazz standards like 'Come Fly With Me' and Foo Fighters 'Learn To Fly'.
Due to the success of the show an additonal night was added to the 3 day run, congratulations to all involved, we really did take the college by storm!
The Sponsume Fund has been buzzing so please do keep donating so we can reach our target!
Further excitment lies ahead with the announcement of our Big Quiz fundraising event on 14th May at The Long Acre in Covent Garden. With live music, a magician, silhouette cutting, and thats even before we get to asking questions!
Come down, join in, Be Brave and Get Bitten!
March 2012:
March has been quite an exciting month for us all round! Hosting a Secret Event at Blend Bar and Grill in Bexleyheath which launched our Sponsume Fund.
 The lucky 40 who were invited got a sneak preview of A Life in Monochrome and a special pack of Tiger secrets!
The fund is up and running so do have a look at our promo video and share it with all your friends and family! 
February 2012:

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to support us and the other fantastic artists, poets, and creators at The Fabelist Imprint Festival on the 27 January at The Serpentine Centre for Possible Studies.

The Fabelists have been great to work with, and Blind Tiger are looking forward to much more collaboration in the future.

Some great reviews, blogs and pictures of the day's events can be found below:

Trebuchet Magazine

Carlos Martyn Burgos

Nicola Anthony

Dean Mel Bourne

January 2012:

- Blind Tiger will be taking part in The Fabelist 'Imprint' festival at The Serpentine Centre for Possible Studies on Friday 27th January from 12pm. More info can be found here

- A Life in Monochrome at Ovalhouse has now completely SOLD OUT! A massive thanks to everyone who has purchased a ticket, and see you all on 19th January!

November 2011: