Floods of Ink champion young people’s right to access theatre - creating work that speaks to the reality they live in and opening their eyes to the world outside it. The company specialise in presenting quality theatre performances for children and young people. They source ideas from young people themselves, through collaboration, conversations and workshops.

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund's Awards For All grants programme, we have secured funding to partner with Floods of Ink in creating tailored Sexual Identity workshops for local schools in the Hammersmith and Fulham area. 

Through our current show, The Little Mermaid, we have been introduced to the emotional and psychological difficulties Hans Christian Andersen faced when attempting to understand his own sexual identity - almost 200 years later, we continue to explore the importance of acceptance, tolerance and understanding regarding individuality of any strand. 

In such a historic year with relation to social acceptance, the focus on LGBT issues within education is still unfortunately lacking, with Ofsted claiming sexual education in 2013 is "Not Good Enough". The workshops we create with Floods Of Ink will aim to re-address this balance in a positive and inclusive fashion.